There are a number of projects slated for phase two of the swap. These are not required for the car to be drivable, but are nice to have functionality and aesthetics.

Air Conditioning

The working plan is to get a Sanden Compressor to replace the R-4 compressor that came with the 380, most likely a SD-508. These compressors are very common in aftermarket applications and have a great reputation for reliability and efficiency.

The compressor will be mounted in the same general location as the original R-4 and will require a custom fabricated bracket. The main reason that this is a phase II item is that I will need to pull the engine to have good access for building the bracket. 

My plan is to run propane (R-290) because of it's lower pressure, lower cost, better efficiency and compatibility with various oils.

Once the compressor is mounted properly, I'll get new hoses made up with the proper connectors to hook up to the Mercedes components as well as get a new dryer and expansion valve.


While I've got the engine out and on the stand, I'll use the opportunity to get the engine cleaned up and detailed, including painting and/or powdercoating many of the components. I'll also take this opportunity to clean up some of the plumbing on the engine and work on any leaks that are present.

Other Projects

Anything that is not officially part of the swap is thrown into phase II. I've got a bad ball joint that needs replacing and bad rear shocks. These are maintenance and repair items, not swap items. In addition the wheels need refinishing and I'd like to install an auxiliary fuel tank to get my range up to 1000 miles. The timing chain needs to be swapped, and the glow plugs tested and reamed, and the injectors need to be pop tested and possibly rebuilt. Did I mention a valve adjustment?

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