There are several hookup functions that do not neatly fit into any other category. This page discusses those aspects of the project.

Throttle Linkage

It turns out that the stock throttle linkage setup from the 300D will work on the car. Cut away some of the sound proofing material around the 380's firewall. There is a hole there that just needs to be expanded. Get a 3/4" step drill and open up the hole so that the plastic bushing on the back of the 300D's throttle assembly will fit through. I believe I needed to clearance the white plastic a bit as well.

This is the hole that needs to be expanded.

Then just mount the unit to the firewall with screws and hook up the throttle to the engine and to the ball connector off the pedal connector.

That's it!

J-Tronic Computer

The fuel injection computer can be removed from under the passenger side foot well (under the carpet and under a plastic cover). This is the perfect place to mount the EGR controller if your car is so equipped, particularly if you want to keep the tachometer function which comes out of the EGR controller)

Windshield Washer Tank

The windshield washer tank is something you'll want to source from the junk yard. I don't have a recommendation on which one to use but there are lots of options, and space available next to the firewall on the passenger side.