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Step 1

Install the engine and transmission. image

Getting the engine and transmission in the car, bolted up with ample clearance and in perfect alignment is the core of the project. After that, everything is just hooking up the systems

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Step 2

Hook up all the sysems image

A successful swap entails getting all the systems hooked up and running in the new environment. Taking one system at a time makes the job manageable. Each challenge has a solid solution on this conversion.

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Step 3

Complete detail items image

Focusing on the critical systems allows the project to get to a running state quickly. The final phase is to get all the left over and nice to have items taken care of.

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This web site is designed to document the process of installing an OM617 diesel engine in a Mercedes 107 chassis car (380SL, 450SL and 560SL) The idea of a diesel sports car is interesting and compelling. But a detailed documenting of the process has never been available. 

It turns out that this is a really simple swap, almost a bolt-in proposition. There is very little fabrication involved and no really unusual tools or equipment.

In addition, there is a ready supply of OM617 engines available and a decent supply of 107 cars, some that can be had very inexpensively with blown engines, due primarily to the well documented timing chain issue. 

If you are contemplating a diesel sports car project, I hope you will find this site informtive and helpful in reaching your goal. 

Project Build Thread

The entire build was documented in real time on the Peach Parts web site in the Diesel Discussion Forum.

If you care to read the thread it can be found by clicking on the button below.

Project Build Thread

Easy Straightforward Swap Everything you need to create a unique and exciting diesel sports car is spelled out here.  

Cost Effective Inexpensive To Purchase Many SLs are available for very reasonable prices, as are quality donor cars.

Fun Great Driving ExperienceThe SL is a great road car and one that can be fun in all kinds of weather. 

Distinctive Only a Handful AroundA diesel SL is a truly one-of-a kind vehicle and it is also very practical as a daily driver.